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FAST and EASY Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans in Melbourne FL

Lawsuit Funding Melbourne FL

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From Our Clients

Got hit by a car and was out of work for weeks. Needed the money to pay bills. Thank you again for everything. Great experience.

Jose G. - Car Accident Injury Funding

Helped me out so much when I needed it. Really can’t thank you enough.

Julie C. – Motorcycle Accident Injury Funding

I needed a small amount while my case was settled. You were a life saver. Thank you

Yolanda M. – Employment Law Funding

You helped me out more than you know. We didn’t know how to make ends meet while off work treating for my car accident. Thank you for the help.

Tim W. - Car Accident Injury Funding

Thank you so much. You have taken so much off my back. I will actually be able to sleep tonight. Thank you again for helping us.

Michelle G. – Car Accident Injury Funding

They had to do two fusions on my spine during surgery instead of one. Now I’m out of work much longer than anticipated and needed money. Couldn’t have survived without your help.

John D. – Truck Accident Injury Funding

Couldn’t afford my bills since I had to take so much time off work. Thank you for helping me get by. You have been amazing.

Tony M. – Truck Accident Injury Funding

Helped me survive while I was out of work from my accident. Thank you again for all of your help.

Amber P. – Car Accident Injury Funding

Saved me thousands of dollars over what I was paying with another funding company. Couldn’t be more happy. Easy process to refinance existing legal loan.

Carrie D. – Refinance Existing Legal Loan

I’m very happy and truly thank you for helping me. May God Bless you until next time.

Shandra S. – Car Accident Injury Funding

What is Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding and Why Do I Need It?

pre settlement lawsuit funding Melbourne FLIn the past, personal-injury victims and plaintiffs had nowhere to turn for immediate financial assistance. Banks and credit unions do not provide loans when a loan candidate has only a potential lawsuit recovery as collateral. Today, plaintiffs have more and better lawsuit funding options. They have lawsuit settlement funding. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan, and you pay us nothing if you do not win or settle your case.

Pre settlement loans will help keep you afloat – Think of it as a cash advance. We help you pay the bills until your lawyer settles or wins a judgment on your case. It gives your lawyer the time he or she needs to win a larger monetary award for your troubles. We understand that waiting for a Melbourne lawsuit to settle is not an option everyone can afford, especially when bills are piling up and injuries make it difficult to work. Because of injuries sustained in an accident, plaintiffs oftentimes lose their ability to go to work and support their families. The lawsuit settlement loans help relieve that.

Qualify for Lawsuit Loans Today

Advance Law Funding can help you with your pre-settlement funding (aka lawsuit loans). Knowing whether you qualify for our pre-settlement funding is simple. When you have retained a lawyer after an incident, you are automatically qualified for funding. When you apply for lawsuit funding at Advance Law Funding, we will evaluate your case and reach out to you with available funding options. This is a non-recourse cash advance that you repay if, and when, your case gets settled or is won in court.

When you need loans for accident settlements, Advance Law Funding has you covered. Unlike car titles or payday loans, your credit score and financial history have no weight in the qualification process. All that matters to us are the facts of your case. We accept plaintiffs with injuries ranging from whiplash and broken bones to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries.

Easy to Apply Melbourne Lawsuit Funding

We offer easy lawsuit funding through our application process and unlike other settlement funding companies, we have creative solutions to help get you approved and get you the cash you need in as little as 24 hours. This makes us one of the best pre settlement funding companies in Melbourne. You can apply for settlement loans online through our online forms and automatically pre-qualify if you’ve suffered any damages and have hired an attorney. If your case is unsuccessful, you don’t owe us anything – no recovery means no repayment. We’ll share the risk with you, and work with you and your attorney to build a plan to fit your individual needs.

We know life can change quickly. Dealing with a personal injury can be quite exhausting in itself, but being involved in a drawn-out personal injury lawsuit can be even more emotionally and financially devastating. Your bills won’t wait for your settlement and often the financial trouble can pile up without you realizing it. A lawsuit settlement advance is the best way to hold you over.

That’s where Melbourne lawsuit funding and settlement advance loans come in handy. Call us today at 1-888-529-0069 or fill out our online form to get started on your lawsuit settlement funding.

Risk Free Melbourne Settlement Loans

If you are saying to yourself, “How do I get money for my injury?” or “How do I get money for my lawsuit?” Our Melbourne settlement loan company can help you with pre settlement funding when you are least expecting it. Although this is understood as a ‘lawsuit loan’, these are not in fact loans. This is a cash advance on your settlement and you are not liable for any repayment if you lose your case. This is part of the risk that we will assume in providing pre settlement funding. We fund many types of cases including accident and personal injury loans. In the end, these pre settlement loans can help with your bills and day-to-day living expenses.

Cover Your Expenses with:

Health Insurance High Deductible Financing

Similar to traditional Melbourne lawsuit funding, high deductible financing is a cash advance towards your settlement that can be used towards paying for medical procedures. Injuries that are sustained in an accident due to the negligence of another can be severe, and often multiple surgeries, treatments, or rehabilitation is needed for full recovery. Not everyone has the ability to pay for their insurance deductibles out of pocket, so a lawsuit loan can be the perfect solution for you.

Car Accident Lawsuit Loans

Auto and traffic-related accidents throughout Melbourne come in many forms, but they all have the liability of becoming devastating to the victims and families–both physically and financially. Car accidents can be life-changing, and the cases often complex. Tens of thousands of people each year are killed or injured in car accidents across the United States.

While you wait months or even years for your case to settle in court, the expenses of living and mounting medical bills can be extremely stressful. You should not have to be forced to settle early for a low compensation offer just so you can pay your bills. Advance Law Funding can offer cash-strapped victims car accident lawsuit loans as a better solution.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loans

After a motorcycle accident, it’s not surprising that most victims find it difficult or even impossible to get back to work. While your attorney is fighting your case to get you justice, you’re forced to wait while the case winds its way through the court process–for an unknown amount of time. Unfortunately, medical bills and daily expenses will not wait for your case to be resolved. Real financial problems can result from a lack of cash flow due to injury and accident. You cannot afford to wait any longer for your case to settle.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans

Cash is available NOW for personal injury plaintiffs long before their cases settle in court. If you have been injured due to the gross negligence of another and you have an attorney working to settle your case in court, you may be eligible for injury lawsuit funding for your lawsuit settlement.

Whether you need motorcycle or car accident lawsuit loans, or any other lawsuit loan. Advance Law Funding is here to make your life a little bit easier.

Never Be Taken Advantage of Again with Lawsuit Funding

Insurance companies take advantage of your vulnerable state by elongating the litigation process even further. As a result, many cash-strapped plaintiffs are gamed into accepting low-ball settlements in exchange for a quick and early close. Don’t be a victim of the insurance industry’s coercive tactics. Pre settlement funding companies help by getting you a pre-settlement loan and gain the financial confidence to last the entirety of your lawsuit and win the maximum compensation you deserve.

The Best in Melbourne Pre Settlement Funding Companies

Lawsuit Loans Melbourne FLLawsuits can take a toll on you, coming at the most inopportune times. You may even be saying to yourself, “Where am I going to get money for my injury?” or “Where am I going to get money for my lawsuit?” Our Melbourne settlement loan company can help you in times of crisis when you were least expecting it. If you need a lawsuit settlement loan today, call us at 1-888-529-0069 for cash in as little as 24 hours.

More About Melbourne FL

On August 2, 1995, the city received a record 9.06 inches (230 mm) of rainfall from Hurricane Erin. During the week of August 22, 2008, a record 17.54 inches (446 mm) of rain fell caused by Tropical Storm Fay. A 2009 Halloween street party sponsored by a downtown restaurant attracted an estimated 8,000–10,000 people. This overwhelmed the downtown area. Street parties were curtailed until public safety issues were addressed. On 18 February 2017, president Donald J Trump held his first post-inauguration rally at the Melbourne International drawing a crowd of 9,000.

Today, Melbourne is home to attractions such as the Wickham Park.

Advance Law Funding is proud to be one of the best lawsuit loan companies in Melbourne FL.